Navigating the sinus anatomy is complex.

Your device doesn’t have to be.

VenSure is the simple choice for treating chronic rhinosinusitis symptoms for patients undergoing balloon sinus dilation.

Technology makes the difference

We put innovation at the forefront, giving you the tools that can guide you with precision and confidence.

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Intersect ENT Cube 4D System virtual guidance platform with VirtuEye touchless photo registration technology

Minimally invasive VenSure balloon sinus dilation designed to improve chronic rhinosinusitis symptoms

VenSure balloon sinus dilation provides a simple and convenient solution to help relieve your patients’ sinus pain and pressure.

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Intersect ENT VenSure balloon sinus dilation navigation technology

Instruments that advance the surgical experience

Navigate with ease and precision with instruments designed to complement our vast portfolio.

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Intersect ENT navigated instruments for VenSure Cube 4D System

Resources to make treatment easier

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Cube & VirtuEye

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